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The contemporary world is facing huge problems due to the pandemic. Amidst all the problems, problems and barriers, life is still going on. However, there are limitations. There are barriers to go out. There are boundaries to what extent a person can move and aspire in this situation. The education system has been troubled in a similar way as well. Child life and the youth have been devastated. The frustration of child life and the youth can be seen in every social media platform. The universities and colleges have felt to look after this thing seriously. They have understood the grave necessity to take things under consideration. Many universities have therefore started working on this aspect. Child and youth psychology is considered and taken care of here. The assignments given on this topic are demanding in-depth study and survey results that are specifically showing the performance of children and youth. The studies that are showing the mental state and condition of the youth mentioning the lifestyle and approaches are on demand. These studies are bringing grave truths about youth and child life. Their struggles, problems, happiness, urge to escape to dreamland, little hearts and happiness and the barriers to them, everything is required to be discussed in these studies. We are doing exactly that. We are helping you to provide the understanding in the same context.    


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