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Is emotional health important...? Yes!

The emotional health of a person is as important as physical health. Generally, emotional health is defined as the ability of a person to cope up with negative situations. People with better emotional health have very good coping mechanisms for negative emotions. Emotional wellness is also tied with physical wellness. It has been seen that a healthy lifestyle of a person can influence emotional health as well. For example, people with drinking or smoking habits have less emotional regulation. On the other hand, people with healthy habits like a good diet, exercise, meditation have higher emotional well-being.


The emotional health of a person also depends on the environment the person lives in. The people in the situation shape the mental growth of adults or children. Therefore, support from the family, peers, neighbors can help in the development of concrete emotional health. In the digital era, stress, anxiety has increased rapidly due to various reasons. Excessive work pressures, study pressures, competition make people helpless and force them to take part in the so-called rat race. Even people do not have time to think about themselves. In that time, small support from others could be very helpful.


I have also taken some steps to help others. "How can I support you?" can work sometimes though it is not considered the best approach. The gut feeling of the opposite person can easily understand the intention behind the question. On the contrary, sometimes in difficult situations people become confused and do not understand what they want. Hence, the questions can be asked by tailoring the current situation so that it can be relevant to the person's state of mind. Questions about their daily life can help them to open up about the issues.

Is it enough to ask a question? Not at all, dear

You need to listen to the answer as well. There is no point in asking questions if I do not have the patience to listen to them carefully and empathetically.


Giving full attention is required as it can display through body language. Some specific steps at the time of taking face to face can be helpful such as turning the body towards the person, relaxed face, and uncrossed legs and hand. This will help the opposite person to believe that you are interested to take to them. While talking on the phone, make noise on agreements and respond to their talk.

No please! Do not give any advice; they are already tired of hearing…

People can find solutions of their own problem. They only need you to listen to them. It can be said as venting as well. However, it does not mean they need a solution or judgment. Do not judge them or give any solution until they ask for any. Regardless, while seeking support, they do not like to be criticized even if it is constructive criticism. Wait! Is it important to use proper tone? Yes! Tonality can also convey a lot of emotion. Therefore, be polite and avoid direct and indirect criticism.

"Authenticity over perfection" has been considered as a major factor to be taken into account at the time of supporting anyone. However it is needed to be maintained that at the time of supporting a person it is not required to be concerned about the correctness of activities. Determining the rightness of any processes that has been contemplated as the morality of such factors. Note to support a person's moral practices are matters however over thinking about the right or wrong both the performances is not needed.


The approach of supporting a person may vary depending on the recipient. The major reason is that befo